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A Few Things Friday


Photo: Tessa Nuestadt


Can you believe it is almost August? It doesn’t feel like it so much to me, mostly because this is the first full week of hot weather and Summer sun that we have had around here all year.  Well, to be fair we did get a good taste of it back in May which quickly gave way to almost 2 full months of weather that was pretty mild, meh.  But since the PNW hasn’t been fried crispy in the July heat, everything is still really green and seems to be blooming much longer than usual.  We will take the good where we can get it, right?

A few of my favorites this week:  These scrumptious photos of a modern bohemian remodel.  That bedroom is utter perfection!  This is the home of jewelry designer Marcia Maizel-Clarke and was designed by Maggie Pierson and featured on MyDomaine this week.  These photos were taken by Tessa Neustadt, and let’s just be honest, photography is an art-form all its own.  Tessa really knows how to work that lens, and every room in the house like a boss.


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Photo: Tessa Neustadt


I have been reading the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and am really enjoying it.  It is a light read with some great insight about the author’s take on creativity and some good motherly advice as well.  If you are in any way creative, you surely know about getting into ruts where inspiration seems to have forgotten you exist.  It was interesting to see how another creative soul keeps herself motivated, which can be difficult when it happens to be your job every day, and keeps herself from playing the comparison game with other writers.  She also talks about creating authenticity over originality which can be felt in your finished piece by both the artist and the consumer.

Also, Remy has recently started making up her own songs lately.  Sometimes it’s a Disney favorite with improvised lyrics (she screams the “Let it go” song from Frozen at the top of her mighty lil’ lungs) and sometimes the whole dang thing is made up.  But this week I got a gift that I will hold on to always when my 2 year old daughter looked into my eyes and sang me “You are my Mama” to the tune of “You are my Sunshine”.

You are my Mama, my only Mama.

You make me happy when skies are grey.

You’ll never know, Dear, how much I love you.

Please don’t take my Mama away.

Yes, I cried.  And yes, this was like my happiest Mama moment to date.  I am so proud that my girl knows how dear family is and that she loves so freely and fiercely.  I am also fully proud of this Mama for teaching her how.


main.original.640x0c (1)
Photo: Tessa Neustadt


I hope the weekend brings more inspiration and moments to be proud of, or at least a little more sunshine.

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